Release Notes - 2.5

Head movements improved

When Pepper turns his gaze from one point to another, he now moves his head following a straight line. Curious head movements should not be seen anymore.

Autonomous Abilities: breath and idle movements improved

BackgroundMovement has been reworked: now Pepper has more subtle, less repetitive breathing and movements.

For further details, see: Autonomous Abilities .

Odometry improved

On certain slippery soils, Pepper ‘s odometry lacked reliability.

To reduce the lack of precision, we merged wheel speed with the data coming from the base gyroscope, applying the extended Kalman filter method.

As a consequence, Pepper should give better results in terms of self-orientation in space.

New feature: exploration and localization

Pepper is now able to explore his environment in order to build a map, then localize himself and navigate inside this map.

For further details see: Exploration and Localization .

New Supported Language: Taiwanese Mandarin

Taiwanese Mandarin is now available:

For further details, see: Supported languages .

Supported Operating Systems

Linux: 64bits only

Linux32 support is not provided anymore.

Mac OS: El Capitan

MacOS El Capitan is now supported, replacing Yosemite.

For further details, see: