Release Notes - 2.4.1

Pepper ‘s abilities

Pepper tracks people with smoother movements

The head movements for finding and tracking people have been reworked. They now are smoother and jolt-less.

Pepper ‘s leg animations are now supported during move

The former limitations during a Move command, are now removed, this means Pepper may move hip and knee joints, for example to dance while moving forward.

Interacting with Pepper

Sleep mode: easier to identify

While asleep, Aldebaran robot status LEDs stay smoothly on, with a purple color.

For further details, see: nao Putting NAO to sleep or pepp Putting Pepper to sleep .

New notification for Charging station

A new notification 810 informs you when Pepper failed to leave his Charging station .

For further details, see: Battery - notifications .

Configuration tools improved

Settings menu clarified

Day to day settings are directly accessible on My robot page, while less used settings are now displayed on Advanced settings page.

Developing Applications - new guides

Your robot is alive!

Developing quality applications for a living robot must take the robot’s life into consideration, and the following guides will help you to do so:

Robot Application Standards

Before publishing your Application on the Aldebaran Store , take a few minutes to read and understand the following requirements. Make sure your application is compliant with all of them before publishing it on the Aldebaran Store .

For further details, see: Robot Application Standards .