Interaction engines - new services

New service: ALAutonomousBlinking

ALAutonomousBlinking enables the robot to make its eye LEDs blink when it sees someone and when it is interacting.

For further details, see: ALAutonomousBlinking .

New service: ALBackgroundMovement

ALBackgroundMovement triggers some slight movements that the robot does autonomously. If the robot makes some other motion (i.e. there is a call to a method of ALMotion ), the background movements are stopped until the motion is done.

For further details, see: ALBackgroundMovement .

New service: ALListeningMovement

ALListeningMovement enables some slight movements showing that the robot is listening.

For further details, see: ALListeningMovement .

New service: ALSpeakingMovement

ALSpeakingMovement enables to start autonomously movements during the speech of the robot.

For further details, see: ALSpeakingMovement .

Interaction engines - deprecated module

Deprecated module: ALAutonomousMoves

Deprecated modules
ALAutonomousMoves Use the ALBackgroundMovement and ALListeningMovement instead.

ALAutonomousLife - improvements

rand : new Trigger Condition operator

A new random operator returns a random value according to parameters.

For further details, see: Conditions expression language .


ALMotion move methods improved

Pepper : Leg animations are now supported during move.

The former limitations during a Move command, are now removed. It is now possible to generate animation on the leg joints, using directly: HipPitch , KneePitch and even HipRoll joint.

Obstacle avoidance for ALRecharge

ALRecharge now uses ALNavigationProxy::navigateTo when going to the Charging station from far distance, so he is able to avoid obstacles.


ALDiagnosis : new method and event

To summarize active and passive diagnostic results:

ALStore : deprecated module

ALStore has been deprecated. Do not use it.

Sensors & LEDs

ALTouch : new event

ALInfrared : deprecated module

ALInfrared has been deprecated and removed, use WiFi instead.

qi Framework

New: qi::Clock, guaranteed system-wide, useful for time-stamping things

libqi exposes several clocks, each of which having a distinctive set of properties.

For further details, see: qi clocks and qi Framework - ChangeLog .