New field solving pronunciation issues

Sometimes, the robot does not quite pronounce or hear text as expected. This is especially true for words inherited from other countries (e.g. “Angélique”, a French first name, will be badly pronounced in English).

It is possible to add the pronunciation to localized fields eared or said by the robot: Application title , Application description , Behavior Name , Description , Trigger sentences , and Loading responses .

Those pronunciations are testable from the Manifest editor if Choregraphe is connected to a real robot.

For further details, see: Vocalization of properties .

Memorize renamed Memory backup

Memorize has been renamed to Memory backup .

For further details, see: Memory Backup .

New protocol for file transfer

Choregraphe now uses SFTP instead of FTP.

For further details, see: Downloading and uploading files .

More debugging help

  • A crash reporter has been added to Choregraphe .

  • Syntax of python files is checked before sending a package to the robot: the sending fails if a syntax error is detected.

    Note that python code in boxes isn’t checked.

  • During export to package, Choregraphe is checking if the package satisfies to the requirements necessary for publication.

  • Concurrent connection of two Choregraphe instances to the same robot is not directly prevented anymore, but an interactive dialog helps choosing what to do. You can kick other Choregraphe instances anew.

For further details, see: Connecting Choregraphe to a robot .