Strengthening security

NAOqi OS - unique user account on Pepper

In order to offer a better control, root account is no more available on Pepper .

For further details, see: NAOqi OS - user accounts .

Reboot and Halt - Best practices

Reboot and Halt the Robot with NAOqi running

               qicli call ALSystem.shutdown
qicli call ALSystem.reboot


This will trigger a few things on the NAOqi side, such as stopping the Life properly and making sure the robot goes to a rest condition. Prefer this method if you can.

For further details, see:

Reboot and Halt the Robot without NAOqi running

Replace ... By ...
reboot sudo shutdown -r now
halt sudo shutdown -h now

For further details, see: Sudo and root permissions .

Restart NAOqi

Replace ... By ...
/etc/init.d/naoqi start nao start
/etc/init.d/naoqi stop nao stop
/etc/init.d/naoqi restart nao restart

For further details, see: Restarting and stopping NAOqi .


The embedded NAOqi OS has evolved; among the noticeable changes, there are:

  • Qt bump from version 4.7 to version 5.2
  • libarchive bump from version 2.8.4 to version 3.1.2

Detailed changelog:

New packages

Package Version
libxslt 1.1.26
mpfr 3.0.1_p4
rasqal 0.9.27
redland 1.0.14
soprano 9999
tinyxml 2.6.2
chunkware-simple-dynamics 9999
raptor 2.0.4
bc 1.06.95

Updated packages

Package Version update
iproute2 => 3.10.0
iptables => 1.4.20
libarchive 2.8.4 => 3.1.2
qt (including qt-core, qt-dbus and qt-script) 4.7.4 => 5.3.2
requests 2.2.1 => 2.5.1