Behavior has evolved

New: Root box type

Behaviors used to contain a Flow diagram as a root box type, now it can also contain directly a Timeline .

The Root box type is now requested when creating a new Behavior .

TODO , see: Behavior .

New properties: Permissions

Permissions allows you to define the permissions needed for the launching of the Behavior :

  • If the field “Behavior can be run on charging station” is not checked, you will not be able to launch the Behavior while the robot is on his Charging station .
  • A new field has been added to choose whether an Activity may start on user request.

For further details, see: Behavior property list .


New panel: Project objects

Project objects panel shows the complete boxes tree of the current Behavior . It eases the navigation from a box level to another, and also provides a search field to find boxes by name.

For further details, see: Project objects panel .

New panel: Active content

Active content panel lists running Behaviors , Services and Dialog topics . It gives the possibility to stop and restart them, and keeps a brief history of the last active contents.

For further details, see: Active Content panel .

New panel: Inspector

Inspector panel gives a centralized view of main objects in Choregraphe : Behaviors , Boxes in the diagram and in box library, applications.

Note : The Limb properties also appears in the inspector.

Note : if you select a pure animation box, the Inspector shows a 3D preview of the animation.

For further details, see: Inspector panel .

Improved panel: Box library

Box library has been completely reworked:

  • a more intuitive tree structure,
  • no more tabs, even for user’s box library,
  • search filter has been improved,
  • box properties are now displayed through the Inspector panel .

Improved panel: Robot applications

Robot applications now displays Behaviors , Dialogs and Services .

Better display

  • Clearer Behavior loading indication bar.
  • When linking boxes, inputs and outputs names are displayed.
  • Trigger conditions edition offers auto-completion, syntax highlighting and syntax checking.
  • New stand-alone condition editor.


Supported Languages

New languages are supported in the Dialog .

For further details, see: Supported languages .

New Choice box

Choice boxes are much more efficient and are compatible with dialogs, you are encouraged to replace them!