Release Notes - 2.1

Quick upgrade guide

1. Check compatibility

Be aware that:

  • you cannot mix 1.14 and 2.0 pieces of software.

  • 2.x runs on NAO V4 and V5 .
    Owner of former NAO - Version should contact our customer support.
    For further details, see: Contacting customer support for NAO .

2. Upgrade your robot first!

To upgrade all your tools easily, make sure you follow this order:

Step Action

Upgrade your robot first, using Choregraphe 1.14 .

For further details, see: Upgrading my NAO - from 1.x to 2.x .

Be aware: your Aldebaran robot starts moving and seeking your attention as soon as you turn it on!

For further details, see: Life on start-up .

Complete the upgrade thanks to the New Aldebaran Cloud .

Upgrade Choregraphe .

For further details, see: Choregraphe suite - Installation Guide .

Upgrade all the SDKs you usually use.

3. Port your 1.14 projects

For further details, see: Porting a 1.14 Project .

Keys features

Life on start-up

This version of NAOqi comes with a disruptive new feature: the robot is now able to launch autonomously any of its installed applications.

This ability, called Life and orchestrated by the module ALAutonomousLife , is active by default and starts to operate after the boot of the robot.

If needed, Life can be temporarily deactivated. For further details, see: Switching Autonomous life on and off .

When the Life is active, what you see depends on the applications installed on your robot. For further details, see: Understanding Autonomous Life settings .

New Web Page

The Aldebaran robot Web page has been fully redesigned.

It is simpler to use and when the robot is configured for the first time, a wizard mode welcomes beginners. Yet, advanced users may still access to the former and deprecated Web page.

For further details, see:

New Aldebaran Cloud

Retrieve applications and system updates automatically!

To access to Aldebaran Cloud :

Meet the Aldebaran robot family

Aldebaran software suite welcomes new robots: NAO V5 , Romeo and Pepper .

  • Have a look at their specific documentation corners:

    | | Pepper - Documentation

  • Or ask Choregraphe 2.0 to display them!

    Step Action
    Choose Edit > Preferences .
    Click the Virtual robot tab.
    Choose a Robot model .

    Click OK button.


    Choose Connection > Connect to virtual robot .

    See the new robot model displayed in the Robot View .