Known issues 2.1

  • WPA2-Enterprise not yet supported.

  • ALVisionRecognition : several issues, impacting performances.

  • Bug #26657 Deadlock when change language.

  • Bug #25810 crash in libaudiodevicemanager when installing language packages during life and asr on.

  • Bug #25614 Parameters of the box “Set external anti-collision” need reworking.

  • Bug #23590 Long connection times / timeouts - improved, not fully fixed.

  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper . Planar moves is not yet available for NAO .

  • Bug #22733 Cannot switch language from a Choregraphe Application.

  • Bug #13709 Ubuntu 12.04 only - Cannot drag and drop boxes.

    There is an Ubuntu known issue, impacting Choregraphe , when using ubuntu-2D for Window Manager with the Launcher bar in auto-hide mode.

    The issue is fixed on latest Ubuntu versions (14.04).

    For further details, see: Ubuntu 12.04 only - Cannot drag and drop boxes .

  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage ( NAO V4).

  • Bug #6412 On Vista, you need to be administrator to use the flasher.