New features

Build Applications from Projects !

  • Choregraphe can now produce application Packages (.pkg) out of Projects, and directly install them on your Aldebaran robot.

  • Former “Store application metadata” can be edited through Project properties .

    It is stored in the Project as manifest.xml and can be edited in several languages.

  • Installed Behaviors cannot anymore be opened directly from Choregraphe , thus preventing users to access easily the sources of your application.

    For further details, see: Project files panel .

Edit Project content externally

You can modify the the content of the Project using your favorite file management tools.

For further details, see: Tips: external management .

New buttons: Wake up , Rest and Life buttons

Instead of the former Stiffness management, you can now ask your Aldebaran robot to wake up, become alive or go to rest, using the 3 new buttons available in Choregraphe Toolbar .

But if you miss the former Stiffness button too much, a preference allows you to get it back. For further details, see: Choregraphe preferences .

New box type: Dialog box

New Dialog box allow you to add a Dialog topic inside a Behavior.

New project content: QiChat script

The Script Editor allows you to create Dialog script, an easy way to use ALDialog module.

For further details, see: QiChat script .

New project content: Planar Move

A Planar move is a file describing movements of the robot in a plane space.

This file, created using the Planar Move Editor can be used in a Behavior as a Move along box.

For further details, see: Planar Move .

Improved tools

Robot view : display perceptions

Behavior Manager : redesigned

Former Behavior Manager is replaced by Robot Application , and shows the whole Application structures and the Behaviors they contain.

Note that it is not any more possible to open in Choregraphe a Behavior installed on your Aldebaran robot, application are now packaged in a distribution format.

For further details, see: Robot applications panel .

Animation Mode : has evolved

Animation Mode command to store position changed!

The command is now to tap the head tactile sensors instead of having to press the Chest button.

Memory Watcher : Hierarchical view

Select memory events panel now display a hierarchical view of the events, allowing an easier browsing.

Timeline : improved

  • The Timeline panel has new functions: Zoom in/out , Play , Stop , Step by step , Move backward .

    For further details, see: Timeline panel .

  • New Flip and Mirror commands.

    For further details, see: Mirroring and Flipping .

Debug window becomes Log viewer

For further details, see: Log viewer .

Save and load your favorite layout

You can now save and reload several customized layouts according to the way you use Choregraphe .

For further details, see: Saving and loading Layouts .

Improved boxes

Here is the list of boxes you should cut/replace:

Sit Down & Stand Up

Now these boxes call an ALMotion method, so they will be updated automatically by new releases.

Wait , Timer , Twinkle & Fall Detector

Make sure you use the new release of these boxes, in order to avoid multi-threading issues.

WakeUp & Rest instead of Motor on/off

Use these new boxes to manage simply the Stiffness and the posture of your Aldebaran robot.

Set language & Speech Reco

Make sure you use the new release of these boxes, in order to be compatible with Qichat and animated speech boxes.

Sound Tracker , Movement Tracker & Robot Posture

Make sure you use the new release of these boxes, in order to use the improved API.


German part has been fixed.

Other boxes to upgrade to support virtual robots

  • Get Body ID
  • Get Parameter
  • Get Temperature
  • IR Get Key
  • IR Send Key
  • IR Side
  • Is Backlit
  • Is In Darkness
  • Learn Face
  • Record sound
  • Record Video
  • Set Speaker Vol.
  • Sound Loc.
  • Sound Peak
  • Sound Tracker
  • Speech Reco.
  • Take Picture
  • Unlearn All Faces
  • Unlearn Face


Supported OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) and later

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid) is not anymore supported.

This release only supports Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) and later.

For further details, see: Choregraphe requirements .

Behavior’s loading time improved

Behavior’s loading time was divided by at least 3.

Separate Virtual Robot execution

Choregraphe now instantiates a virtual robot in a separate process, thus improving stability.

Connection management

  • The user can cancel connection trials.
  • Choregraphe waits for the robot to be fully started before validating connection.
  • Choregraphe does not get kicked when other Choregraphe instance asks for connection on the same robot. Other Choregraphe connections are refused instead.

For further details, see: Connecting Choregraphe to a robot .

Boxes: simpler types