What’s new - 1.12.5


Always choose the latest release

Do not forget to update both Choregraphe and your robot with the latest release. It is not advised to downgrade to an earlier minor release.

For further details see: Updating robot system and Installing Choregraphe suite .

RoboCup only

  • Specific issue with ALAudioPlayer on RoboCup config has been solved.


  • As some robots had experienced stability problems during Tai Chi Chuan danse, a new version of the Tai Chi Chuan box has been released.

  • Read the troubleshooting section about Connection troubles . This should solve the Bug #6467 Choregraphe / NAO connection troubles.

  • Record Sound box. The default value of the Microphone used parameter has changed.

    In order to handle the main usages of this box, default value is now Front head microphone only(.ogg) instead of Front, sides and rear head microphones (.wav) .

Infrared / NAO web page

  • ALInfrared can be used exclusively with devices supported by http://www.lirc.org . Requiring a complete overhaul, Record a new remote function is no longer available.