ALAudio Changes

Language package installation

The procedure to install additional language package has changed and the former packages used on previous version of NaoQi are no longer usable. Please contact the hotline to obtain the new packages.

New methods


Method Returns ...
ALAudioPlayerProxy::getLoadedFilesNames the names of the files which have been loaded with the loadFile method
ALAudioPlayerProxy::getLoadedFilesIds the ids of the files which have been loaded with the loadFile method
ALAudioPlayerProxy::getCurrentPosition the position in the file which is currently played
ALAudioPlayerProxy::getFileLength the length of the file which is currently played


Method Replaces ...
ALAudioDeviceProxy::subscribe “subscribeLocalModule” and “subscribeRemoteModule” to handle the subscription of a ALSoundExtractor module
ALAudioDeviceProxy::unsubscribe “unsubscribeLocalModule” and “unsubscribeRemoteModule” to handle the unsubscription of a ALSoundExtractor module

Deprecated methods

These methods are deprecated: their replacement methods should be used instead.

Method Replacement
ALAudioDeviceProxy::subscribeRemoteModule ALAudioDeviceProxy::subscribe
ALAudioDeviceProxy::unSubscribeRemoteModule ALAudioDeviceProxy::unsubscribe
ALAudioDeviceProxy::subscribeLocalModule ALAudioDeviceProxy::subscribe
ALAudioDeviceProxy::unSubscribeLocalModule ALAudioDeviceProxy::unsubscribe