Known issues

To fix a major issue, some fixes have been reverted, so the following issues reappeared in 2.5.11:

  • Bug #35313 Navigation bar displayed in the bottom after used soft keyboard on NAOqi 2.5.
  • Bug #39287 ALTabletService crashes because of null pointer exception after trying to create a cache directory.
  • Bug #38420 Android system UI blackbar is displayed randomly by Tablet Service through tablet browser (reproduced here when a JavaScript alert pop-up).

  • Bug #40192 Critical Issue with ASR & Dialog when changing language.

    ALSpeechRecognitionProxy::setLanguage and ALDialogProxy::setLanguage must not be called at the same time as any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method.

    Workaround :

    If the problem occurs, reboot the robot.

    To avoid this issue, make sure your application does not try to set the language while any other ALSpeechRecognition or ALDialog method is running.

  • Bug #39571 ALPhotoCapture::takePicture() for Bottom and Top Camera, BGR and 16VGA resolution gives a black picture.
  • Bug #35478 Dialog - Samerule event does not work as expected because dialog is not cleared properly.
  • Bug #37356 ALUserInfo - Age is automatically updated by a wrong value when try to get it.
  • Bug #37958 Cannot upload an application on Store.
  • Bug #34885 ALSystem - reboot() doesn’t work when working with Session.

  • Bug #36453 Choregraphe - Planar move modifications can not be canceled.

  • Bug #35482 ALTextToSpeech.setParameter speed/pitch not working for language Chinese.

    Workaround :

    • To change the pitch, use tag \\vct=XXX\\ (in %).
    • Note that setParameter(speed, XXX) changes the speed AND the pitch of the voice. So, to change the speed, use both tags \\rspd=XXX\\\\vct=XXX\\ (in %).
  • Bug #35905 Non-ASCII characters in file path (name or folder) prevent application download on robot.

    Workaround : do not use Non-ASCII characters when naming files or folders in a Project .

  • Bug #35722 When “<>” in TTS.say in Japanese, TTS doesn’t work anymore.

    Workaround : do not insert character string “<>” in any input to be said by Pepper .

  • Bug #22835 Choregraphe - Play Sound File Box: ALAudioPlayer.wait lock randomly.

    Workaround : do not use .MP3 file format, prefer OGG or WAV files.

  • According to its customization via preferences, Pepper may automatically display Settings Menu at start-up. In this case, and when Pepper automatically reboots after a crash, the Settings Menu appears again, whereas it should not.
  • Bug #33227 Frequent remote disconnection.
  • Bug #32793 Choregraphe - Timeline box - Red bar not displayed when clicking on green Play button.
  • Bug #35668 Choregraphe - Mac only - Doesn’t display an error message when there is errors in Python files.
  • Bug #34338 Choregraphe - Project properties: No speaker icons.
  • Bug #35289 Choregraphe - Timeline curves are messed up after a zoom in/zoom out.
  • Bug #35919 Choregraphe - Robot view freezes when selecting animation box in box library and animation previous isn’t visible.
  • Bug #35927 Choregraphe - “Export Vision Recognition Database” is disabled.
  • Bug #35929 Choregraphe - Cannot send current vision recognition database to the robot.
  • Bug #35731 Monitor - Crashes if user enter a wrong IP address.

  • Bug #31812 Vision Recognition - no way to package a VRD in an app.
  • Bug #32835 Photo storage clean up method takes long to perform.
  • Bug #32159 Sound Localization and Detection are blocked after having called ALAudioDevice.setParameter(“outputSampleRate”)
  • Bug #32741 ASR not paused when saying a notification.
  • Bug #30634 Visual tracking takes time to start.

  • Bug #29956 In Japanese keyboard, ‘Backspace’ key adds new characters instead of deleting current.
  • WPA2-Enterprise only experimentally supported.

  • Bug #29336 Choregraphe - Mac only Choregraphe does not detect disconnection.
  • Choregraphe - Arabic may encounter right-to-left edition issues.

  • Bug #22971 MoveAlong only works on Pepper . Planar moves is not yet available for NAO .
  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage ( NAO V4).