New translation workflow

A new parameter type is available for diagram boxes, localized string . This will enable you to localize text for each supported language of your application, allowing appropriate translation fetch according to your robot current language.

For further details, see: Mastering application localization and Application Internationalization (i18n) .

New translation workflow applied to Animated Say

A new version of Animated Say box is available in the Box Library : it is now a script box with two new parameters: Text and Animation .

The Text parameter has a Localized string type, this way, it benefits from the translation workflow.

New Project auto save feature

  • Each Project file is now automatically saved in a temporary file, next to the source file, each time it is modified. This should resolved previous unwanted behaviors with git project and silently enforced project saves by Choregraphe.
  • Choregraphe has now one undo stack per file, this should ease up your undo/redo

Project recovery

In case of unexpected crash, it is now possible to recover your unsaved files. Next time you open your project, if unsaved data is found, Choregraphe will ask you if you want to recover or discard previous unsaved work.