Addendum 2.5.8

Pepper’s head movements tuned

In order to make sure Pepper cannot pinch fingers between his head and the top of his tablet, we have redefined the head pitch range of motion:

Now Pepper can move from -40.5 to 25.5° (instead of 36.5°).

For further details, see: Head joints .

Supported Language: Mandarin Chinese enhanced


New preference: Automatically save modifications

In order to workaround the issue when Choregraphe is really slow with many boxes, it is now possible to deactivate the Automatically save modifications option.

For further details, see: Choregraphe preferences .


NAOqi logs improved

Log content are continuously improved.


Logs are not part of the NAOqi API set. They may change from one version to another, there is no guarantee of compatibility of any kind. Application developers should not rely on NAOqi log contents.

For further details, see: NAOqi logs .

ALCloseObjectDetection : disabled module

On Pepper V1.8 , ALCloseObjectDetection is not available at all.

For further details, see: ALCloseObjectDetection .


Updated packages

Package Version update
requests 2.3.0 => 2.5.1
wpa_supplicant 9999-r6 => 9999-r7