Getting started with qibuild on Linux

Installing the compiler tools

On ubuntu, this looks like

             $ sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential


Refer to the documentation of your distribution for the details.

First run

You should run

             $ qibuild config --wizard


A file will be generated in ~/.config/qi/qibuild.xml . It is shared by all the worktrees you will create.

You will be asked to choose a CMake generator.

It is advised to select Unix Makefiles unless you know what you are doing :)

Building with QtCreator

See Building with qibuild and QtCreator

Building with Eclipse CDT

Eclipse supports having distinct directories for the source and the build, but does not like if the later is a subdirectory of the former.

So you have to use a global build directory, by editing QI_WORK_TREE/.qi/qibuild.xml to have

             <qibuild version="1">
  <build build_dir="/path/to/build/directory" />


Your project build directory will then be /path/to/build/directory/build-<config>/<project-name> .

Or, if you chose a relative path, it will be relative to the worktree.

You can also run qibuild config --wizard like this:

             $ qibuild config --wizard
:: Do you want to configure settings for this worktree (Y/n)
:: Do you want to use a unique build dir (mandatory when using Eclipse) (y/N)
:: Path to a build directory
Will use /home/john/workspace/build as a root for all build directories


             $ cd QI_WORK_TREE
$ qibuild configure


Then from within eclipse, go to “File -> Import” then choose “General -> General Projects into Workspace” and select your build directory as “root directory”. Let the “Copy projects into workspace” box unchecked and click “Finish”.