How NAO Works

NAO predates Pepper, but still remains a very popular and much loved Robot. NAO is the product of a fruitful relationship between mechanical engineering and software - a character made up of a multitude of sensors, motors ands software piloted by a made-to-measure operating system: NAOqi OS.


NAO has 25 degrees of freedom and a humanoid shape that enable him to move and adapt to the world around him. His inertial unit allows him to maintain his balance and know his orientation.


Numerous sensors in his head, hands and feet, as well as his sonars in his head, enable him to perceive his environment and quickly find his bearings.

Hearing and speaking

NAO has 4 directional microphones and loudspeakers, so interacts with humans in a completely natural manner, by listening and speaking.


NAO is equipped with two cameras that film his environment in high resolution, helping him to recognise shapes and objects.


To access the Internet autonomously, NAO is able to use a range of different connection modes (WiFi, Ethernet).


NAO does not have cognitive AI - so his ‘thinking’ has to be coded and created, like his behavior, in order to reproduce human traits.