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NAO get op from back motion
Hello, where can I find get up motion from back (without rotating to the front) in choreographe or webots simulator? Also is there any web resource with library of custom NAO motions? Thx.
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You can try class MyClass(GeneratedClass): def __init__(self): GeneratedClass.__init__(self, False) def onLoad(self): self.postureProxy = ALProxy("ALRobotPosture") pass def onUnload(self): self.postureProxy.stopMove() def onInput_onStart(self): self.postureProxy.goToPosture(("Stand"), self.getParameter("Speed (%)")/100.) def onInput_onStop(self): self.onUnload() pass ----- The postures vary but you can call Crouch, Stand, Sit, LyingBack, LyingBelly, SitRelax, StandInit, StandZero I agree, there should be available custom libraries but right now there isn't a central location that they are shared. Check the Animation Library on the NAOStore, if you don't have access maybe contact customer care.