Language Supplement for German Petra-ml Embedded Premium (front end configuration cfg4)

Nuance® Vocalizer Expressive 2.0

This language supplement describes issues that are particular to the German text-to-speech system. It complements the Vocalizer Expressive User's Guide and Programmer's Reference, which describes the API and the language independent properties of the Vocalizer text-to-speech system.

This document includes these sections:

This document uses the font Arial Unicode MS to display IPA characters and other special characters in the Phonetic alphabets section. Arial Unicode MS is normally distributed with Microsoft Office. If the German characters don't appear when you view this document, make sure you choose View→Encoding→Unicode (UTF-8) in your browser.

Input format

The German text-to-speech system is designed to pronounce any input written according to the rules of German orthography.

The Vocalizer engine processes text as UTF-16 (transcoded to that if the original input used a different encoding) and thus the input may contain any character from the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) used for any written language. However, the German TTS system only reads the pieces of text that consist of characters that are meaningful for German, discarding all other characters.

For more information on Unicode and UTF-16, see the Unicode Consortium web site.

Text normalization

Vocalizer supports a range of special formats for German. The formats are described in Text Normalization in Vocalizer Expressive for German and German Token Documentation. The supported abbreviations are listed in German Abbreviations

Phonetic alphabets

In the Vocalizer text-to-speech system, there are several ways to intervene directly in the pronunciation of text as described in the Vocalizer Expressive User's Guide and Programmer's Reference, including the ability to specify phonetic input using markup or user dictionaries. German phonetic input strings should be composed of symbols of the L&H+ phonetic alphabet shown in the tables below (L&H+ subset for German).

Table version 2.2


IPA L&H+ Description IPA Unicode Example IPA Transcription L&H+ Transcription
a a open front 0061 St(a)dt ˈʃtat 'Stat
ɛ E open-mid front 025B B(e)tt ˈbɛt 'bEt
ɪ I mid-high mid-front 026A M(i)lch ˈmɪlç 'mIlC
ɔ O open-mid back rounded 0254 v(o)ll ˈfɔl 'fOl
ʏ Y open-mid back 028F K(ü)ste ˈkʏs.tə 'kYs.t$
ɛː E: open-mid front long 025B +
F(ä)hre ˈfɛː.ʀə 'fE:.R$
ə $ central (schwa) 0259 Tast(e) ˈtas.tə 'tas.t$
ø e+ close-mid front rounded 00F8 sch(ö)n ˈʃøn 'Se+n
ɑ̃ A%~ open back nasalized 0251 +
Restaur(ant) ʀɛs.toː.ˈʀɑ̃'RA%~
ɔ̃ O%~ open-mid back rounded nasalized 0254 +
Balk(on) bal.ˈkɔ̃ bal.'kO%~
ɛ̃ E%~ open-mid front nasalized 025B +
T(eint) ˈtɛ̃ 'tE%~
œ̃ E+%~ open-mid front rounded nasalized 0153 +
Parf(um) paʀ.ˈfœ̃ paR.'fE+%~
œ E+ open-mid front rounded 0153 l(ö)schen ˈlœ.ʃən 'lE+.S$n
ʊ U mid-high back rounded 028A K(u)nst ˈkʊnst 'kUnst
i: close front long 0069 +
R(ie)se ˈʀiː.zə 'Ri:.z$
e: close-mid front long 0065 +
K(e)hle ˈkeː.lə 'ke:.l$
a: open front long 0061 +
W(a)gen ˈvaː.gən 'va:.g$n
y: close front rounded long 0079 +
gr(ü)n ˈgʀyːn 'gRy:n
u: close back rounded long 0075 +
F(u)ß ˈfuːs 'fu:s
o: close-mid back rounded long 006F +
gr(o)ß ˈgʀoːs 'gRo:s


IPA L&H+ Description IPA Unicode Example IPA Transcription L&H+ Transcription
a͡u a&u from open front to close back rounded 0061 +
0361 +
B(au)m ˈba͡um 'ba&um
ɔ͡y O&y from open-mid back rounded to close front rounded 0254 +
0361 +
h(eu)te ˈhɔ͡y.tə 'hO&y.t$
a͡i a&i from open front to close front 0061 +
0361 +
T(ei)l ˈta͡il 'ta&il

Consonant (Pulmonic)

IPA L&H+ Description IPA Unicode Example IPA Transcription L&H+ Transcription
j j palatal approximant voiced 006A (j)emand ˈjeː.mant 'je:.mant
p p bilabial plosive voiceless 0070 (P)ost ˈpɔst 'pOst
b b bilabial plosive voiced 0062 (B)ein ˈba͡in 'ba&in
t t alveolar plosive voiceless 0074 (T)inte ˈtɪn.tə 'tIn.t$
d d alveolar plosive voiced 0064 (d)ich ˈdɪç 'dIC
k k velar plosive voiceless 006B (k)lein ˈkla͡in 'kla&in
g g velar plosive voiced 0067 lie(g)en ˈliː.gən 'li:.g$n
f f labiodental fricative voiceless 0066 (F)eld ˈfɛlt 'fElt
v v labiodental fricative voiced 0076 (w)ach ˈvax 'vax
s s alveolar fricative voiceless 0073 Fel(s) ˈfɛls 'fEls
z z alveolar fricative voiced 007A (S)aal ˈzaːl 'za:l
ʃ S postalveolar fricative voiceless 0283 (Sch)nee ˈʃneː 'Sne:
ʒ Z postalveolar fricative voiced 0292 Gara(g)e ga.ˈʀaː.ʒə ga.'Ra:.Z$
x x velar fricative voiceless 0078 Ba(ch) ˈbax 'bax
h h glottal fricative voiceless 0068 (H)and ˈhant 'hant
m m bilabial nasal voiced 006D (M)ann ˈman 'man
n n alveolar nasal voiced 006E (N)orden ˈnɔʀ.dən 'nOR.d$n
ŋ nK velar nasal voiced 014B Ri(ng) ˈʀɪŋ 'RInK
l l alveolar lateral approximant 006C (L)icht ˈlɪçt 'lICt
ʔ ? glottal plosive 0294 be()achten bə.ˈʔax.tən b$.'?ax.t$n
ʀ R uvular trill 0280 (R)eise ˈʀa͡i.zə 'Ra&i.z$
ç C palatal fricative voiceless 00E7 Mil(ch) ˈmɪlç 'mIlC


IPA L&H+ Description IPA Unicode Example IPA Transcription L&H+ Transcription
t͡ʃ t&S affricate voiceless from alveolar to postalveolar 0074 +
0361 +
Ru(tsch) ˈʀʊt͡ʃ 'RUt&S
d͡ʒ d&Z affricate voiced from alveolar to postalveolar 0064 +
0361 +
(J)azz ˈd͡ʒɛs 'd&ZEs
t͡s t&s affricate voiceless from alveolar to alveolar 0074 +
0361 +
(Z)ug ˈt͡suːk 't&su:k
p͡f p&f affricate voiceless from bilabial to labiodental 0070 +
0361 +
(Pf)erd ˈp͡feːʀt 'p&fe:Rt


IPA L&H+ Description IPA Unicode
. . syllable break 002E
ˈ ' primary stress 02C8
ˌ '2 secondary stress 02CC

Other symbol

IPA L&H+ Description
None " sentence accent
None # silence (pause)
None _ word delimitor
None *. end of declarative
None *, comma
None *! end of exclamation
None *? end of question
None *; semicolon
None *: colon

Microsoft SAPI 5 API Phoneme Mappings

SAPI Symbol L&H+ SAPI Phone ID
- . 0001
! *! 0002
& _ 0003
, *, 0004
. *. 0005
? *? 0006
_ # 0007
^ ? 0008
1 ' 0009
2 '2 000a
~ 000b
: : 000c
a A 000d
a : A: 000d+000c
a : ax a:R 000d+000c+000f
a ax aR 000d+000f
aw a&u 000e
ax $ 000f
ay a&I 0010
b B 0011
d D 0012
ch t&S 0013
eh E 0014
eh : e: 0014+000c
eh : ax e:R 0014+000c+000f
eh ax ER 0014+000f
eu e+ 0015
eu ax e+R 0015+000f
ey E: 0016
ey ax e:R 0016+000f
f F 0017
g G 0018
h H 0019
ih I 001a
ih ax IR 001a+000f
iy i: 001b
iy ax i:R 001b+000f
jh d&Z 001c
k K 001d
l L 001e
m M 001f
n N 0020
ng NK 0021
oe E+ 0022
oe ax E+R 0022+000f
oh O 0023
oh ax OR 0023+000f
ow O: 0024
ow ax o:R 0024+000f
oy O&y 0025
p P 0026
pf p&f 0027
r R 0028
s S 0029
sh S 002a
t T 002b
ts t&s 002c
ue Y: 002d
ue ax y:R 002d+000f
uh U 002e
uh ax UR 002e+000f
uw U: 002f
uw ax u:R 002f+000f
uy Y 0030
uy ax YR 0030+000f
v V 0031
x C 0032
y J 0033
z Z 0034
zh Z 0035

Voice specific information

Multi-lingual skills

Multi-lingual skills of Petra-ml embedded-premium

Linguistic knowledge Pronunciation
orthographic: (none) near native
orthographic: eng,frf,iti,spe accented
orthographic: (none) approximate
phonetic: all other languages approximate

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