Known issues

  • Bug #43626 GoTo performance has unexpected errors

  • Bug #43335 Service Camera is not available on virtual robot.

  • Bug #43326 LookAt not working with virtual robot on Windows 10.

  • Bug #42172 Robot makes weird movements when some joints of a behavior.xar animation do not contain values for early frames

  • Bug #41824 Action EnforceTabletReachability can be run while the robot’s arms are in front of the tablet.

  • Bug #39221 Faking to stop an app stops the robot movement but not the app

    Workaround: Split your app animation in small animations.

  • Bug #38473 Actuation.makeCroppedAnimation should support Animation which contain a planar move trajectory

    Workaround: Crop animations by hand

  • Bug #42131 GoTo action throws with an unspecific error message

    Workaround: If GoTo fails for an unknown reason, check if hatch is open or if diagnosis is KO.

  • Bug #43131 Windows 10 - GoTo doesn’t work on virtual robot with RDTA

  • Bug #42977 Robot makes strange “ahoh” sounds when robot is shaken-up

  • Bug #42763 LocalizeAndMap.dumpMap() sometimes returns the result of the previous exploration

  • Bug #42912 Sometimes the robot perceives two humans instead of one

  • Bug #41818 Person with hat and glasses not being detected

  • Bug #42205 Localize fails in a room with unified walls and floor

    Workaround: Localization works better in a room with strong visual landmarks (posters, furniture).

  • Bug #43502, #43449 Chat that uses only remote can start without waiting remote connection (blue LEDs)

    Workaround: see guidance about ‘not understood’ cases management in BaseChatbot, and Managing not understood cases.

  • Bug #41619 Can’t connect to real robot on Windows 10 since plugin 1.0.28

    Workaround: Avoid spaces in the Windows user name

  • Bug #41586 Disconnection failure for <number>, error:Cannot find local signal connection when a Human is lost.

  • Bug #42590 QiChatExecutor is not cancelled when the Chat is cancelled

  • Bug #41156 Issue with concurrent connections to the same robot.

  • Bug #35573 AVD connection issue with PC’s Wi-Fi off.
  • Bug #37823 BodyLanguage does not work because package “animations” is not installed.
  • Bug #38356 libqi-java: JNI Limitation for 300 elements in an Object.

    Workaround: limit to 300 elements.