Pepper QiSDK Speech and Conversation Lessons

Pepper learning

Now that you got started with the qiSDK (Pepper SDK for Android), you may want to get over Pepper’s speech and conversational skills to ensure a rich experience.

Here is a set of lessons dedicated to this target!

  1. Discovering QiChat, the SBR language for creating chatbots

Let’s discover the basics of the QiChat language to have a fun yet meaningful conversation with Pepper

  1. Linking Qichat and the application code

Let’s create a maths game and see how to link QiChat and Android with bookmarks, variables and ^execute commands

  1. Mastering Pronunciation (coming soon)

Tweaking the robot’s speech for natural prosody with TTS (text to speech)

  1. Integrating a third-party web chatbot 

Integrating Dialogflow in QiSDK and making Pepper tell jokes

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Reference Documentation and Ressources

If something seems unclear, you may want to look at the reference documentation, especially these sections: