Making a multimodal presentation

Combining animations, sounds and images to make Pepper give an expressive presentation
Making a multimodal presentation

What the lesson is about

You will learn how to liven up Pepper’s speech with animations, tablet content and sounds, by building a small animated sequence. You will also learn how to combine these actions in a sequence or in parallel to reach the best effect.

What you will need

  • A Pepper
  • Android Studio with the latest QiSDK plugin

What you should know about

You should already know to create simple QiSDK applications and run actions.

Applicable Use Cases

Any time Pepper is presenting information or telling stories, you should consider how to combine speech, the tablet, animations and sound for the best effect.

  • Making a multimodal presentation
  • Initial setup
  • Part 1: Speech and images
  • Part 2: Adding movement
  • Part 3: Making sound
  • Part 4: Controlling time more precisely
Let's go!