Linking QiChat and Code

qichat and code


Let’s create a maths games and see how to link QiChat and Android code - with bookmarks, variables and ^execute commands

What you should know about

  • Discovering QiChat
  • Making Android applications with Kotlin

You will need a Pepper QiSDK with working Cloud ASR

What you will learn

  • [Conversation] Making pepper proactively start the conversation
  • [Conversation] Setting qichat variables from code
  • [Conversation] Dynamically changing which concepts pepper listens for
  • [Conversation] Triggering code callbacks from QiChat
  • [Conversation] Blocking vs. non-blocking callbacks in QiChat

Applicable Use Cases

The skills here are applicable to nearly any Pepper application using QiChat. This example uses simple math questions, but the same logic can be used to link the conversation content more tightly to any application.

  • Linking QiChat and Code
  • Asking smart questions: Bookmarks, Variables and Dynamic Concepts
  • Giving smart answers: adding callbacks
  • Putting it all together: the number decomposition quiz
Let's go!