Basics of animation creation

First view of the Animation Editor

1. Overview of the Animation Editor interface

You’ve just clicked on the Animation Editor icon, and the software has launched. This is what you’re supposed to see.

Freshly opened Animation Editor
Freshly opened Animation Editor

This interface is divided into three parts :

  1. The first part is the top bar menu, which contains a few useful buttons explained in the
    “Handling the Animation Editor basic features”.
  2. The second part is the big blue square that now contains just two buttons allowing you to create a new file or open an existing one.
  3. Right next to it, the third part is the 3D View of the robot. This is the zone where you will see your virtual or physical robot move and play the animation.

Let’s dive in, and create a new file so we can see what to real interface looks like when working on an animation.

2. Let’s create a new empty qiAnim file

First of all, click right on the center of the blue part, on the icon on the left, to create a new empty animation file.

"Create a new qiAnim file" button
Create a new qiAnim file

This file has a dedicated format called “qianim” and this is the format your physical robot will compute to move the way you want in your application.

Right after your click, the blue part of the interface should have changed a lot.