Thanks to BasicAwareness the robot:

  • seems aware of his surroundings,
  • is capable of detecting humans around him,
  • is able, autonomously and proactively, to look at humans around him.


  • Waiting for stimuli

    Reacts to stimuli such as:

    • touches on bumpers,
    • touches on hands, or
    • human detection.

    Looks in the direction of the stimulus with his head and body.

    Comes back to a neutral position if he found nobody, tracks the person otherwise.

  • Tracking detected human

    Follows the engaged person with his head and body.


  • As soon as the robot perceives a stimulus,
  • When the robot is tracking the engaged human


For optimal detection and tracking, it is recommended to run a LocalizeAndMap to map the environment, and then a Localize to keep the robot localized inside his environment. Using his map, Pepper has an (almost) 360° awareness, using his base sensors.

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