Configuring & managing


Advanced settings

Advanced settings section displays the advanced settings of the robot.
Name Description
Robot language

List of languages installed on Pepper .

Allows you to select the Language currently used by Pepper .

Note : Avoid setting Robot language while Autonomous Life is on. For further details see: Switching Autonomous life on and off .


Allows you to set the time zone.

This setting is required for the WiFi connection.

Factory reset button Starts a Factory reset of Pepper . For further details see: Factory reset .

Optional Settings and tools

According to the presetting of your Pepper , the following setting could appear:

Name Description
Turn off button Allows you to shut down Pepper .
Reboot button Allows you to reboot Pepper .
Robot name Allows you to set the name of your Pepper .
Robot password Allows you to set the password of your Pepper .
Alive by default

Allows you to enable or disable the Autonomous Life at startup.

Warning : if you disable Autonomous Life at startup, your Pepper will remain static, and you will not be able to chat or launch activities by voice.

For further details, see: Autonomous Life .

Usage Feedback Allows you to enable or disable the Usage Feedback .

Factory reset

Performs a Factory reset of the robot: this command resets the whole system in a similar state as if the robot was just out of the factory.

Before performing a Factory reset , make sure you have previously backed up your robot data.

For further details, see: Back up my Aldebaran robot user data .