Web page

Pepper Web page
Part Name Allows you to ...
A Settings menu Remotely access to Pepper ‘s Settings menu .
B Speech bubble

Make your Pepper say a short sentence:

  1. Click the speech bubble.
  2. Optionally, edit the text.
  3. Press Enter key.
C ? menu


Accessing the Pepper Web page

Step Action
Make sure your robot is on.

Press the Chest button once.

Pepper says the four numbers of its IP address : note them.

Troubleshooting : If Pepper says “I can’t connect to the network”:

  1. Check the availability of your local network,
  2. Turn OFF and ON the robot.

Open a web browser and enter this IP address in the address bar.

An authentication windows appears.


  • User name : nao

  • Password : password you have set for the robot.

    The password default value is nao .
    If you have lost your password, see: Lost your password .

Result : the Pepper Web page appears.


If the robot has not yet been configured, the Getting started wizard appears instead: follow its steps, you will then have access to the Pepper Web page .

Tips : if you have installed Choregraphe , you can also try one of the: Alternative methods to access to Pepper Web page .

Alternative methods to access to Pepper Web page

Accessing Pepper Web page using Choregraphe

Step Action
Launch Choregraphe .

Choose Connection > Connect to or Click the connect-button Connect to button.

The Connect to panel is displayed.

Right-click the green Pepper and choose View web page .

Accessing Pepper Web page using Pepper ‘s name

Step Action
Open a web browser.

If you know Pepper ‘s host name:

  • Type: [naoHostName].local in the address bar.

    By default, it is: nao.local

If you don’t know Pepper ‘s host name:

  • Click the Bonjour bonjour icon.
  • Double-click on Pepper ‘s name.

Bonjour is conceived by Apple and installed by default on Mac OS X and Linux (Avahi) computers. On Windows, it is automatically installed during the Choregraphe installation process.

For all information about Bonjour, including licensing, please visit the official site:

Lost your password

If you have lost the password for the web interface, reset the settings of the robot.

For further details, see: Erasing Pepper’s memory .