Requesting technical information

Pending notifications

When a notification is pending, Pepper emits a small sound and his Status LEDs blink once in a while.

Blinking Status LEDs

The color indicates the severity of the notification:

  • Green pep_green_notif info : feed-back about an ongoing action;
  • Yellow pep_yellow_notif warning : an issue requires your attention and/or action;
  • Red pep_red_notif error : at least one functionality became unusable.

For further details, see: Event and state notifications .

Reading IP address and notifications

To Get Pepper ‘s IP address or read notifications:

Step Action

Press the Chest Button once.

Result :

  1. Pepper says its name and IP address.

  2. If the Status LEDs were blinking:

    Pepper reads the pending notifications.

Optionally : Press again the Chest Button to Skip a message.

While the robot is saying its IP address or a notification message, pressing again interrupts the current message and jumps to the next one, if any.

Tip :

  • IP address is hard to understand?

    On the third request, Pepper will slow down and spell digit by digit the address.

Chest Button