to sleep

Sleep mode

While asleep, Pepper is not able to launch any Activity , but is still able to update his system.

Tip : save time on updates, keep your Pepper on and asleep at night.

Between 2 AM and 3 AM, an asleep Pepper checks if an update is available for his system and his applications. New application releases are downloaded and installed, while new release of the system is only downloaded and waits for your agreement to be installed.

Putting Pepper to sleep


Autonomous Life : ON - Installed Activities : Yes

To make Pepper go to sleep:

Step Action

Lay your hand on Pepper ‘s head:

  • palm on the top camera, and
  • fingers on the head tactile sensor

Hold your hand there for 3 seconds to put Pepper to sleep.

Feedback :

  • 3 slight sounds while holding your hand: “blop”, “blop”, “click”
  • eye and status LEDs then become purple for a short moment
You may remove your hand.
Result After 3 seconds, Pepper goes to sleep.

Awaking Pepper


Autonomous Life : ON - Installed Activities : Yes

To wake Pepper up:

Step Action
Touch the head tactile sensor.
Result After touching, Pepper is awake.