Merge Request #3 - August 2014 bis


This release is again about bugfixes, test fixes and documentation improvement, with some small features.

Small Changes

  • AnyFunction was documented and a call method was added for easier use.
  • Some static initialization races were fixed in the type system, it should fix a lot of Choregraphe crashes on Windows.
  • Session::loadService now accepts extra arguments to give to the factory (if, in addition to all of the arguments, the factory accepts a qi::Session as a first argument, it will be given to it).
  • qi/qi.hpp is now deprecated. The only function it contained was qi::unicodeFacet which was useful when used with boost::path . If you really need it, this function was moved to qi/path.hpp . You should also consider using qi::Path instead.
  • qi::Atomic is now implemented as a wrapper over boost::atomic and thus supports other types than int .
  • qi::ScopedThreadName allow to set the current thread name in a RAII fashion
  • qi::Session::waitForService now returns a cancellable future.
  • Python signals can now have an onSubscribers callback (as in C++). See documentation .
  • Python properties have been improved. addCallback() now returns a link that you can use with disconnect() .

SDK Path

The SDK paths returned by libqi (in all qi::path methods, like qi::path::findLib ) are no longer deduced from the running executable ( /proc/self/exe on Linux) but from argv[0]. This change should not break existing code since usually the executable is the same as argv[0].

However, this implies changes for Python in case of deploys. Currently, the returned paths were always taken from /usr since the executable was /usr/bin/python2.7 . They will now be deduced relatively to the python script if it is located in a SDK, with a fallback to the old behavior. This is useful for dynamic module loading.


The LogManager now holds a ring buffer that allows to get past logs coming before you register your LogListener to it.

  • There is a ring buffer of 500 messages.
  • You can get it by subscribing to onLogMessagesWithBacklog.

             void onLogMessages(std::vector<qi::LogMessage> msgs)
  for (unsigned int i = 0; i < msgs.size(); ++i)
    qi::LogMessage msg =;
    std::stringstream ss;
    ss << msg.level
       << " " << msg.category
       << " " << msg.message
       << std::endl;
    std::cout << ss.str() << std::endl;

int main(int argc, char** argv)
  qi::ApplicationSession app(argc, argv);


  qi::LogListenerPtr listener = logger->getListener();



Bug fixes

Python object registration error

The errors:

              [E] 6298 qipy.object: Error while registering function '__str__': TypeError: <method-wrapper '__str__' of MenuCook object at 0xb588f5ac> is not a Python function


are now fixed.

Signal connection bug

In the following code:

              qi::AnyObject obj = ...;
obj.connect("signal", &myCallback);


myCallback would be called synchronously by the signal handler. It will now be called asynchronously as the user would expect.

Redmine issues

  • FIX #16461 Service Bonjour is not working correctly on Windows (No robot found)
  • FIX #17970 NAO appears red in the robot browser while naoqi is not dead
  • FIX #15310 AL::BonjourDiscovery - SegFault using avahi
  • FIX #20594 The logger service should hold a ring buffer of past logs
  • FIX #24281 APP DEADLOCK - RANDOM - Dead lock in python interpreter
  • FIX #24333 loadModuleFactory regex causes 8 pop-ups at naoqi startup