ALBarcodeReader API

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Namespace : AL

            #include <alproxies/albarcodereaderproxy.h>


Method list

class ALBarcodeReaderProxy


Event: "BarcodeReader/BarcodeDetected"
callback ( std::string eventName , AL::ALValue value , std::string subscriberIdentifier )

Raised each time one or several barcodes are decyphered. The associated data is structured as follows:

               BarcodeReader/BarcodeDetected = [


CodeData contains the data itself in a string representation and the position of the bar code in the image:

               CodeData = [


Where Position contains the coordinates of all four corners in the image (see Overview for an explanation about corner ordering).

               Position = [
  [x0, y0],
  [x1, y1],
  [x2, y2],
  [x3, y3]