QiChat - Overview

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Header keywords

Syntax For further details, see ...
topic: ~name () topic
language: enu language
include: file.top include
concept: (conceptName) [word1 word2 wordn] concept
dynamic: conceptName dynamic
def: functionName($param1, $param2..) qichat rule def


Syntax For further details, see ...
u:( human_input ) robot_answer User rule
proposal : robot_input Proposal

u1:( human_input ) robot_answer

u2:( human_input ) robot_answer

u3:( human_input ) robot_answer

User subrule


Syntax For further details, see ...
phrase Phrase delimiter: ” “
[ word1 word2 wordN ] Choice: [ ]
{ optionalpart } Optional part: { }

Rule functions

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Delete a variable ^clear
Manage alternatives in rules outputs



Jump to rules in the same topic








Let a rule scope open ^stayInScope
Make a rule private ^private
Allow free combination of words ^repeat
Use instructions from ALAnimatedSpeech




Topic functions

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Prevent a topic from being loaded in embedded ASR ^notInEmbeddedASR
Prevent a topic from getting the focus ^noStay

Custom functions

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Use a previously defined function ^defined_function