ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis API

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Namespace : AL

            #include <alproxies/alvoiceemotionanalysisproxy.h>


Method list

As any module, this module inherits methods from ALModule API . It also has the following specific methods:

class ALVoiceEmotionAnalysisProxy


void ALVoiceEmotionAnalysisProxy:: setParameter ( const std::string& parameter , const AL::ALValue& value )

Sets parameters.

  • parameter – Name of the parameter
  • value – Value of the parameter

Available parameters:

  • “MinSignalLength”: Minimum length (in seconds, positive) required for the analysis of a voice signal (nonnegative integer, default: 2)
void ALVoiceEmotionAnalysisProxy:: subscribe ( const std::string& name )

Subscribes to ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis . This causes the module to start raising the “ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized” ALMemory event which you can subscribe to by using ALMemoryProxy::subscribeToMicroEvent .

  • name – Name used to identify the subscriber
void ALVoiceEmotionAnalysisProxy:: unsubscribe ( const std::string& name )

Unsubscribes to ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis . This causes the module to stop raising the “ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized” ALMemory event.



Event: "ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized"
callback ( std::string eventName , AL::ALValue value , std::string subscriberIdentifier )

Raised when an utterance has been analyzed.

  • eventName ( std::string ) – “ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis/EmotionRecognized”
  • value – Array containing information about the emotion levels. See EmotionRecognized event for details about the event’s structure.
  • subscriberIdentifier ( std::string ) –