Hello World 3 - using Dialog topic in Choregraphe


Level All beginners Time 5 min
OS Linux - Windows - Mac Preparation 15 min

Preparation time is given for the case you have to install tools prior the tutorial.

Before starting

Let’s do it

Step Action
Start Choregraphe .

Click the Connect to button and connect Choregraphe to your robot.


For further details, see How to connect your NAO .

Your robot appears in the Robot view .

Drag the Speech > Speech Settings > Set Language box on the grey area.

Click the parameter-button parameter button and set the language as English .


Right click the grey area and choose, in the contextual menu, Create a new Box > Dialog... .


Click the Add a new topic button, then type a name without spaces, for example: HelloWorld .

Click the Add button, then the OK button.


Create links as below.


In the Project content , double click the HelloWorld_enu.top file.

The Script editor appears.


Type those rules:

                 u:(Hello) Hello, young Padawan

u:(Good morning) Let's start a wonderful day

Click the play-button Play button.


Your robot prompts you to speak with a sound and an eye LEDs animation.

  • Say “Good morning” right in front of his face, or enter “Good morning” in the Dialog panel and press enter.

    Your robot replies “Let’s start a wonderful day”.

  • Say “Hello” right in front of his face, or enter “Hello” in the Dialog panel and press enter.

    Your robot replies “Hello, young Padawan”.

How it works

  • The Set Language box defines the language the robot will use to speak and also to listen to you.
  • The Dialog box uses the Topic file, with .top extension, stored in the current Project .
  • The Topic file contains Rules associating Human inputs to Robot outputs .

Let’s explain the 2 lines you wrote:

             u:(Hello) Hello, young Padawan

u:(Good morning) Let's start a wonderful day


This line is a Rule :

  • u: is the key word for user rule,
  • (hello) and (Good morning) are Human inputs, i.e. what you can say to the robot,
  • Hello, young Padawan and Let’s start a wonderful day are Robot outputs, i.e. what the robot will answer.

What you have learned

To make the robot listen and answer an appropriate answer, you can create a set of rules associating Human inputs to Robot outputs .

To go further

Learn more about Dialog boxes , see the tutorial: Creating Dialog boxes .

Next step

Writing Python script inside or outside Choregraphe is not exactly the same.
Try to create a Python script: Hello World 4 - using Python .