Flow diagram box

What is a Flow diagram box

A Flow diagram box is a Box which includes a Flow diagram .



In previous versions, Flow diagram boxes could embed a script, but this feature is now deprecated and will be removed soon.

Creating a Flow diagram box can be useful to encapsulate other boxes into a unique behavior.

A Flow diagram box may contain boxes which in turn may also contain boxes. And all these boxes can be connected to each other, thus creating a complex and structured behavior.

This enables you to organize your behavior with several levels, each level corresponding to the diagram of a box.

How to create a Flow diagram box

To create a Flow diagram box from scratch:

Step Action
Right click on on the Flow diagram wherever you want to create the box.

Choose Create a new Box > Diagram... in the contextual menu.

Define a Name and a Description for your box.
Optional : set the picture to recognize it among other boxes.

Optional : set Parameters , Inputs and Outputs .

For further details about parameters, see: How to add/remove inputs, outputs, parameters in a box .

Click the OK button.

The created Flow diagram box is displayed on the Flow diagram .

Double click your box to get into it and edit the inner Flow diagram .


To create a new Flow diagram box by grouping existing boxes, see: How to group several boxes into a single one .