Release Notes – Synthesis – from 2.1 to 2.8

Welcome back NAO !

This release is fully dedicated to the new version of NAO .

Check compatibility!

2.8 runs exclusively on NAO V6 .

  • It cannot run on a former version of NAO .
  • It is not available on Pepper .

Interacting with NAO

Semantic Engine: a new power for NAO!

NAO can learn!

Thanks to his Semantic Engine , NAO is able to:

  • keep in mind some information,
  • acquire new information, and
  • use this knowledge in order to answer your questions and requests.


For now, NAO has a short-term memory, persistent from startup to shut-down. He will forget all his knowledge each time he reboots.

For further details, see: Semantic Engine - What NAO knows .

Stop, Sleep, & Awake tactile commands

To ... For further details, see ...

Stop an Activity :

Put your hand on robot’s head (palm on camera and fingers on its head tactile sensor) for 1s.

nao Exiting an Activity

Put your NAO to sleep:

Put your hand on robot’s head (same way) for 3s.

nao Putting NAO to sleep

Awake your NAO , while he is asleep:

Touch its head tactile sensor.

nao Awaking NAO

Developing Applications - new guides

Your robot is alive!

Developing quality applications for a living robot must take the robot’s life into consideration, and the following guides will help you to do so:

Robot Application Standards

Before publishing your Application on the SoftBank Robotics Store , take a few minutes to read and understand the following requirements. Make sure your application is compliant with all of them before publishing it on the SoftBank Robotics Store .

For further details, see: Robot Application Standards .


SoftBank Robotics robot makes sure he is in a safe position when starting Life and adds a notification if he is not in a safe position.


All system notifications which are either a warning or an error are now formatted the same way: prefixed by their severity and their ID number.

For further details, see: nao Event and state notifications .

New tool: Robot settings

Robot settings replaces the former NAO Web page . Running on your computer, it allows you to configure your NAO .

  • Available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Available in English, French, Chinese and Japanese, and soon available in 17 more languages.

For further details, see:

WiFi network settings

WiFi advanced configuration: MAC addresses displayed

If you need to configure the MAC address filtering of your WiFi access point, you can now display NAO ‘s MAC adresses.

For further details, see: Network information .

Supported Operating Systems

Mac OS: Sierra

MacOS Sierra is now supported

Mac OS X previous versions are not supported.

Linux: 64bits only

Linux32 support is not provided anymore.

Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) is not supported.

Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) is supported.

Windows: 7 and 8.1

Windows XP is not supported.

Windows 7 and 8.1 are supported.

For further details, see: