Release Notes - 2.7

Quick upgrade guide

1. Check compatibility

Be aware that 2.7 runs on Pepper 1.8 and 1.8a .

Owner of former robots should contact our customer support.
For further details, see: Contacting customer support for Pepper .

2. Use Pepper’s display to download the new system


Do not use Choregraphe nor the Web page to upgrade Pepper , it could put your robot in an unsupported state.

To upgrade your Pepper , download the system image when available on his display.

For further details, see: Upgrading my Pepper .

Wi-Fi network settings

New supported personal securities: WPA 2 Enterprise

Pepper now supports also WPA 2 Enterprise.


Only peap and ttls authentication algorithms, with MSChapv2 phase2 are supported.

For further details, see: Supported personal securities .

New sign & feedback

The simpler the better

Instead of a complex system involving a three-color eye LEDs feedback and sound feedback, Pepper now uses a single and simple way to tell the human when he is listening:

  • When Pepper is listening, his shoulders are blue.
  • When he is not listening, his shoulders are off.

See the new signs and feedback in a 30sec. video:

For further details, see: Interacting with Pepper .

Semantic Engine: a new power for Pepper!

Pepper can learn!

Thanks to his Semantic Engine , Pepper is able to:

  • keep in mind some information,
  • acquire new information, and
  • use this knowledge in order to answer your questions and requests.


For now, Pepper has a short-term memory, persistent from startup to shut-down. He will forget all his knowledge each time he reboots.

For further details, see: Semantic Engine - What Pepper knows .

Pepper’s head movements tuned

In order to make sure Pepper cannot pinch fingers between his head and the top of his tablet, we have redefined the head pitch range of motion:


Now Pepper can move from -40.5 to 25.5° (instead of 36.5°).

For further details, see: Head joints .

As a consequence, when turning the Autonomous life on, as soon as the Stiffness of his motors is on, Pepper must lift his head a little before performing his usual animation.

For further details, see: Switching Autonomous life on and off .

Supported Operating Systems

Mac OS: Sierra

MacOS Sierra is now supported, replacing El Capitan.

For further details, see: