NAOqi API & SDKs - 2.8

Former DCM replaced by LoLA

DCM has been completely redesigned. The new version is now called LoLA .


Sensor feedback more deterministic and reliable

Thanks to the introduction of LoLA , the motor control and sensor feedback are more deterministic and reliable.

NAO V6 kinematic model

A new model, with NAO V6 masses is now supported.

For further details, see: URDF file .

New Diagnosis reflexes

ALDiagnosis now take in account:

  • motor board passive diagnosis errors, and
  • motor board temperature errors.

As a result, the following new behaviors are introduced on NAO :

  • Put life in safeguard state when a critical error happen.
  • Go to rest when leg joints are too hot.

For further details, see: ALDiagnosis and Diagnosis effect .