• Fix unicode support in python3.
  • Disable test_gdb when testing on gitlab runner (qibuild miss a compatible runner).


  • Add a command method to make the difference between a dev branch and a release branch.
  • Qisrc now always remove deleted remote branches when fetching.


  • Find_program check for binary compatibility before returning a path.
  • Add support for large zip archive.


  • Add python minification to use obfuscation on python files (disbled by default).
  • libqi become optionnal and is loaded only to deploy packages.
  • The build target is used to name the output packages by default.


  • Patch swig/python.cmake to prevent fail if swig is not found when configuring.
  • Add an option (QI_WITH_HARDENING) to enable compiler flags for code hardening.
  • GCC flag -fPIE must be defined in the toolchain and is not set by qibuild (except with hardening flags).
  • Update the way librairies are found by find_libs.


  • Use lrelease only if there are something to translate before creating a pkg.
  • Generate more stable .po{,t} files


  • Add an option to qitest run to exit 0 if there is no test to run.
  • qitest skip empty test runner if –allow-no-test.


  • The build target can be define in the toolchain feed in the toolchain tag.
  • The build target is now used in the project builder.