C++ SDK - Hello world (auto-generated)

Step Action

In your worktree, type:

                $ qisrc create myFirstExample


Result: a directory myfirstexample has been created, with a ‘hello world’ already implemented inside.

Go in this directory:

                $ cd myfirstexample


Then type:

                $ qibuild configure


Result: a directory build-<myconfig> has been created, where <myconfig> corresponds to your current configuration. For example, if you configure on a Linux 64 bits, your configuration file will be build-sys-linux-x86_64 .

To compile the ‘hello world’ program, type:

                $ qibuild make


To run the ‘hello world’ program, for example with the command:

Go into the directory build-<myconfig>/sdk/bin:

                $ cd build-<myconfig>/sdk/bin


then type:

                $ ./my_first_example



On Mac , you should set the environment variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to myfirstexample/build-mytoolchain/sdk/lib first.