Merge Request #28 - 2017-07-18

New Feature


  • scoped(): RAII tools to help with scoped behavior, “set and restore” and “apply and retract” utilities, etc.
  • invokeCatch(): call a procedure in a exception-safe way;
  • futurizeOutput(): wraps a callable to make it return a future;
  • compose(): a binary operation to compose functions.



  • Fixes: Long timeout wait at qi::ApplicationSession destruction (when socket is connecting) (#38450);
  • Fixed: MetaCall returns before the end of the called method (#38551);
  • Fixed tests bugs triggered when running them in loop for a long time - not all bugs were fixed;


  • Fixed liqi compilation issues with VS2015;
  • Fixed: #38327;
  • Fixed: #38301;
  • Fixed: #38456;
  • Fixed: #38255;
  • Fixed: #36979;