Merge Request #21 - June bis

Improved Feature(s)

  • Improve qi::Url functions
  • There isn’t any default URL set into qi::Url (application dependent)
  • Can now create qiObject out of shared pointers
  • future::tryUnwarp use univeral reference instead of const ref
  • Add conversion from Future to any value future (Future to Future)
  • LoadService now return service ID registerd
  • Object: allow templates and namespaces in QI_REGISTER_OBJECT*


  • Do not throw is the session is already running
  • Fix some logs messages (tcptransport socket, ...)
  • Fix misc compilation warning
  • Do not send disconnected signal if the session was never connected
  • Gateway: Fix deadlock when disconnect the socket
  • Gateway: Fix remote object unref on client disconnection
  • Gateway: Fix message filtering when property contain object
  • Gateway: Add researches for source of objects