Merge Request #2 - August 2014


This merge request is mostly a bugfix merge request. Lots of unit tests were also fixed.

Python bindings


qi.Session.waitForService was bound in Python.

Async calls

Async calls were fixed. You can make an async call like this:


future = session.waitForService("MyService", _async=True)


Using modules

You can now use modules from Python (though you still can’t write them in Python). You can load a module like this:

              mod = qi.module("mymodule")
cat = mod.createObject("Cat", "an argument")


Redmine issues

  • FIX #24164 SDK PYTHON - Bind qi.Session.waitForService() method
  • FIX #23495 qi::Future.wait deadlocks whereas no call is ongoing
  • FIX #24246 pressing once the chest button segfaults naoqi