Merge Request #11 - July



  • Removed busy loop on thread pool join (on Application ‘s destructor)
  • BoundObject: fixed a deadlock when the destructor of an object would make a remote call over the network
  • Future: fixed thenR<T> with T != void
  • Future: fixed andThenR<void>
  • Object: call<void> did not block in case the function returned a future
  • QI_ONCE: Fixed deadlock when the code throws (the behavior is now similar to std::call_once )
  • Java bindings: fix deadlock when signal’s callbacks would do a call over the network
  • LogProvider: fixed crash on program exit
  • PeriodicTask: do not stop the periodic task when start is called
  • Session: do not connect to public endpoints if the service is local
  • Strand: fixed race condition that could lead to a deadlock when calling a stranded function while being on the strand