ALVisualSpaceHistory API

NAOqi Vision - Overview | API

Namespace : AL

            #include <alproxies/alvisualspacehistoryproxy.h>


Method list

class ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy


float ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy:: getGridPrecision ( )

Returns the current visual grid resolution.

ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy:: resetGrid ( )

Fills the visual grid with the current timestamp. This may be useful if the robot moves its torso since it makes the grid data irrelevant.

void ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy:: setGridPrecision ( const float& resolution )
  • resolution – New grid precision chosen between 1.0 and 10.0. Default value is 2.0.


When the grid precision is changed the method ALVisualSpaceHistoryProxy::resetGrid is automatically called to reset the grid data.

ALMemory Keys

AL::ALValue VisualSpaceHistory/VisualGrid/Data

This memory key contains all the visual grid data formated as follows:

data = [zone_t1, zone_t2, ... ]

where zone_t1 = [[headYawAngle, headPitchAngle], timestamp] is the data corresponding to the zone_t1.

All zones are sorted by increasing timestamp, so t1 < t2 < ... . As a result, the first zone is the most outdated one and the last zone is the most recently updated one.