Hello World 1 - using Choregraphe


Level All beginners Time 5 min
OS Linux - Windows - Mac Preparation 15 min

Preparation time is given for the case you have to install tools prior the tutorial.

Before starting

Let’s do it

Step Action
Start Choregraphe .

Click the Connect to button and connect Choregraphe to your robot.


For further details, see How to connect your NAO .

Your robot appears in the Robot view .

Drag the Speech > Creation > Say box on the grey area.


Create a link as below.


Click the Play button.



Your robot says “Hello”. In the meantime, the Robot view displays the message.


How it works

  • The Connect to button allows you to define on which robot you will send your program.
  • Dragging and dropping a box creates a ready-to-use copy of a predefined program.
  • The Play buttons has a 2-in-1 function: it uploads the program on the robot and starts its execution.
  • The execution automatically starts the box linked to the onStart input.

What you have learned

In Choregraphe , ready-to-use boxes allow you to create and play behaviors without writing a single line of code.

To go further

While you are there, take the opportunity to discover Choregraphe more in details, trying to make your robot walk, for example. See: Your first steps in Choregraphe .

Next step

What about creating your first script?
Try to create a Python script using Choregraphe editor: Hello World 2 - using Python in Choregraphe .