3D Sensor Monitor

The 3D Sensor Monitor plugin can be used to display the depth image from a supported 3D camera connected to the robot. This plugin features a Play monitor-camera-play and a Pause monitor-camera-pause button to start and stop the image acquisition.

The depth image will be displayed with a resolution of 320x240 and a frame rate of 10 frames per second. The image is shown as a peudo-color image, where the color indicates the distance of a given image region to the camera: similar colors correspond to similar distances.

The plugin also prints the exact depth measure (in millimeters) of a given pixel by simply clicking on it in the image region. Once the pixel is selected, the distance measurement will be updated at every image acquisition. White regions in the image correspond to invalid pixel values, which may be caused by objects that are too close/too far from the camera, overly reflexive materials or interferences with infrared light sources (sunlight, another depth camera...).


The 3D sensor must be plugged before starting NAOqi, otherwise it won’t be properly detected.