Downloading and uploading files

no-virtual Cannot be tested on a simulated robot .

File Transfer

To display the robot shared folder:

Step Action
Choose Connection > Advanced > File Transfer .

If required, enter Login and Password.

The following window appears:


The file browser displays the directory tree on the robot.

Downloading a file

To download a file from the robot to your computer:

Step Action
Select a file in the browser.
Click the Download button.

Specify where the file has to be downloaded.

The file is copied and sent to specified place on the computer hard disk.

Click the Quit button.

Uploading a file

To upload a file from your computer to the robot:

Step Action
Browse and display the directory where you want to upload the file.
Click the Upload button.

Select the file to upload.

The file is copied and sent to specified directory on the robot.

Click the Quit button.