Planar Move


Planar move is only available for Pepper .

What is a Planar Move

A Planar move is a file describing movements of the robot in a plane space.

Planar move files have a PMT extension.

A move is constituted of trajectories , and each trajectory is made of several paths , linking two poses .

When a robot executes a planar move, it does it trajectory per trajectory, marking a stop between trajectories . In contrary, within a trajectory, paths are chained continuously , hence they require to be continuous.

Choregraphe integrates everything needed for you to be able to:

Creating a Planar Move

Step Action

Choose File > Add new content > Planar move... .


Note: you can also click the create_import_btn Add content button in the Project files panel , and choose Create planar move .

Type a file Name .


  • You won’t be able to change it later, so choose it well.
  • Use only alphanumeric characters: no space, no special characters.

Click the Add button.

Your planar move is created .

The file <file_name>.pmt is created and is opened automatically for edition.


Planar Move Editor

Part Name Description
A Edition zone

Displays the selected Trajectory(ies) .

Allows you to manipulate the poses and the paths.

red_end End pose is the red one.

  • Drag it to move it,
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to change its orientation.

green_end Start pose is the green one. It cannot be manipulated.

B Properties

Allows you to set the properties of the Planar move .

  • Offset is used to delay the trajectories.
  • Framerate and Tick every modify only the display of the trajectories.
C New path button

Allows you to add intermediate points on the current Trajectory .

Once having clicked, move the End pose in order to extend the trajectory starting from this intermediate point.

It produces arcs of circles to ensure continuous moves.

D Trajectory orientation Allows you to change the edition mode so that the orientation of the poses are computed automatically or not, in function of the direction of their leading path.
E Keyframes Allows you to fine-tune the time taken for a trajectory to be executed.
F Preview buttons Click the Play button to preview the trajectory.
G End point Allows you to fine-tune the last pose of your trajectory.
H Trajectories

Allows you to add and select a Trajectory .

All trajectories compounding your planar move are displayed here, each behind an index button .

  • Click the New trajectory button to add a trajectory to the current Planar move .
  • Click one index button, to select a trajectory and show it in the edition zone.
  • Shift-Click or Ctrl+A to select several trajectories, their concatenation is then displayed in the edition zone.

Using Planar Moves in Behaviors

Open a Behavior , and enter the diagram you want your planar move to be executed from. Drag the *.pmt file from the project content and drop it in the diagram editor: it will create a Move Along box referring to your planar move.



you can also find the Move Along box in the Movement > Navigation box library.

You can re-use this box everywhere in your project with no additional overhead.

The Move Along box is linked to the Planar Move file: editing the Planar Move file modifies the box content.