Basic Channel - What can I say to NAO

If you do not know what you could say to NAO , try one of the following sentences.


These sentences are the canonical forms. A canonical form is the standard. Some of variants can also work. For example, you can also try “How can I call you?” for “what’s your name?”

Prerequisite : Autonomous Life : ON - Basic Channel : ON

Meet NAO

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English Chinese
Hello 你好
Good morning 早上好
Good afternoon 下午好
Good evening 晚上好
Nice to meet you 开心見到你

Small talk

English Chinese
How are you? 你怎么样?
Nao! Nao!
Thank you 谢谢

End of interaction

English Chinese
Goodbye 再见
Goodnight 晚安
See you later 再见
Have a good day 祝一天愉快
Take care 保重
I’m going to sleep 我想要睡一觉
I have to go 我要走了
I’ll come back soon 我很快回来
Have a nice weekend 周末愉快
See you tonight 晚上见
See you tomorrow 明天见
See you Monday [1] 星期一见
See you next week 下周见

[1] Try also with other weekdays.

Ask for information

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English Chinese
What did I say? 我刚刚说了什么?
Can you repeat? 重一次?


English Chinese
What are your applications? 你的应用程序是哪些?
How can I start an application? 我怎么启动应用程序?

Date & time

English Chinese
What time is it? 能不能告诉知道几点了?
What day is it? 知道今天几号?
Tell me the current year 能不能告诉今年什么年


English Chinese
What languages do you speak? 你说哪种语言?


English Chinese
Tell me your current volume 告诉音量百分之多少
How can I change your volume? 告诉如何调整音量?
What is your minimum volume? 你的最小音量是多少?
What is your maximum volume? 你的最大音量是多少?

Battery level

English Chinese
How long does it take you to charge? 你充满电需要多久?
How much autonomy do you have? 你的续航时间是多久?
What is your battery level? 你的电量还有多少?
Do you need charging? 你需要充电吗?
Are you hungry? 你饿了吗?
What is your exact battery level? 你的电量是多少?
Are you plugged in? 你插上电源了吗?
Are you charging? 你在充电吗?
Do you want me to plug you in? 要我帮你插上电源吗?

Internet connection

English Chinese
What is your IP address? 你的网络地址是多少?
Give me your wifi IP address 你的无线网络地址是多少
Give me your ethernet IP address 你的有线网络地址是多少
Give me your bluetooth IP address 你的蓝牙地址是多少
What is your webpage? 你的网络页面是什么?
I want to configure the Internet 帮我设置网络
Are you connected to the wifi? 你连接无线网络了吗?
Are you connected to the internet? 你是否连接网络?

Modify settings

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English Chinese
Speak English 让我们说英语言吧

Try also with the other supported languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish and Italian (the corresponding language packages must be installed on your robot beforehand).

Note: when NAO is asked to speak another language, the language is changed and remains changed, i.e. asking NAO to speak a language has the same effect as modifying his settings.


English Chinese
Speak softer 能不能轻点音量
Speak louder 能不能提高音量
Set the volume to the minimum 能不能把音量提高最小
Set the volume to the maximum 能不能把音量提高最大
I want to set the volume at 35 [2] 能不能把音量提高百分之35
I want to change the volume 你能调整音量吗?

[2] Try also with other values between 20 and 100.

Silent mode

In silent mode, NAO will still listen but will make specific gestures instead of answering.

English Chinese
Stop talking 停止说话
You can speak again 你可以说话了

Shutdown, restart & sleep mode

English Chinese
Can you shutdown? 你能关机吗?
Can you restart? 你能重启吗?
Go to sleep 睡觉

Make NAO move

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English Chinese
Turn your engines on 开启你的刚度
Turn your engines off 关掉你的刚度
Can you stand up? 你可以站起来吗?
Can you sit down? 你能坐下吗?
Can you lie down? [3] 你能躺下吗?
Can you crouch? 你能蹲下吗?

[3] Try also: Can you lie on your belly / on your back?


English Chinese
Can you raise your arm? [5] 你能举起手臂吗?
Can you raise your arms? 你可以两只手都抬起来吗?
Can you stretch your arm? [5] 你可以伸直手臂吗?
Can you stretch your arms? 你可以伸直两只手臂吗?

[5] Try also with left / right arm.


English Chinese
Let’s shake hands! 我们可以握手吗
Can you open your hand? [6] 你可以张开手吗?
Can you open your hands? 你可以双手张开吗?
Can you close your hand? [6] 你能合上手吗?
Can you close your hands? 你能把双手合起来吗?
Can you move your hand? [6] 你可以动一动你的手吗?
Can you move your hands? 你可以动一动你的手吗?
Hands up! 抬起手
Can you put your hands behind? 你可以两手放在背后吗?
Can you wave bye bye? 你可以摆手再见吗?
Hide yourself 把你的手放在眼睛前面

[6] Try also with left / right hand.

Impossible moves

English Chinese
Can you touch me? 你能摸下我吗?
Can you point at me? 你可以指向我吗?
Can you cross your arms? 你能两手交叉吗?
Can you dab? 我想让你轻拍?
Can you turn your head 180 degrees? 你能旋转头部180度吗?
Can you walk? 你可以走路吗?
Can you roll? 你能转圈吗?
Go backwards 你可以倒着走吗
Can you run? 我想让你跑?
Can you jump? 你能跳吗?
Can you spin? 你会旋转吗?
Can you do a backflip? 你能后空翻吗?
Can you do push ups? 你能做俯卧撑吗?
Can you stand on one foot? 你可以单脚站立吗?
Can you fly? 我想让你飞?

Make NAO do something

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English Chinese
Can you sing? 能不能唱歌曲
Sing Ring around the Rosie 唱玫瑰花环
Sing Mary had a little lamb 唱玛丽有只小羊羔
Sing Row row row your boat 唱划船曲
Sing Do Re Mi 唱抖如爱咪
Sing Hello Robots 唱机器人你好
Sing the ABC song 唱字母歌


English Chinese
What can you do? 你能做什么?
What cannot you do? 你不能做什么?
What can we talk about? 我们可以谈什么呢?


English Chinese
Launch <application name> 开始 <>
<trigger sentence of the application> <>
Launch an application randomly 启动任意一个应用

Learn more about NAO

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Personal information

English Chinese
Can you introduce yourself? 自我介绍
What’s your name? 你的名字是什么?
What’s your nickname? 你有昵称?
Can I change your name? 想改变你的名字?
How old are you? 你多大?
How old is Pepper? Pepper多大?
How old is Romeo? Romeo多大?
When is your birthday? 能不能告诉你生日什么时候?
What is your job? 你有工作吗?
Are you a boy or a girl? 你是男的还是女的?


English Chinese
How tall are you? 你多高?
How much do you weight? 你多少公斤?
What are you made of? 你是什么做?
What color are you? 你是什么颜色?
How many fingers do you have? 你有大小手指?
What is the meaning of your fingerprints? 手指上是什么?
What is your tablet for? 能不能平板什么用?
Do you have microphones? 展示麦克风?
Where are your microphones? 哪是麦克风?
Do you have speakers? 你有喇叭?
Where are your speakers? 哪是喇叭?
How many wheels do you have? 你有大小个轮子?
Do you have cameras? 你有是摄像头?
Where are your cameras? 哪是摄像头?
Do you have sensors? 展示传感器?
Where are your sensors? 哪是传感器?
How many articulations do you have? 你有多少自由度?


English Chinese
How fast can you go? 你能走走多快?
Do you understand my emotions? 你如何了解情感?
How you detect emotions? 你如何识别情感?
Can you remember me? 你如何记得我?
Can you keep a secret? 能不能保守秘密?
Can you see me? 你如何看到?
How do you recognize me?
How do you track me with your eyes? 眼睛如何跟我?
Can you hear me? 你如何听?
Can you understand me? 如何了解?
How many words do you know? 你的词汇量大小?
How do you understand what I say? 如何了解告诉什么?
How do you speak? 你如何能说?
How do you move forward? 你向前移动转弯?
How do you move? 你动?


English Chinese
Where do you come from? 你来自哪?
Why are you called Nao? 为何叫Nao?
What does Nao mean? Nao是什么含义?
Who called you Nao? 谁给Nao起得名字?
Tell me more about Softbank Robotics Softbank Robotics是什么意思?


English Chinese
Are you kind? 你友好?
Are you cool? 你酷吗?
Are you smart? 你智能吗?
Can I trust you? 我能不能相信你?
What do you think about humans? 你觉得人如何?
Do you like humans? 你喜欢人?

Humanoid robot

English Chinese
Are you human? 你是人吗?
Are you alive? 你活着吗?
Are you conscious? 你有意识吗?
Do you eat? 你能不能吃东西?
Do you drink? 你能不能喝东西?
Do you know the laws of robotics? 艾萨克法律?
Who is Asimov? 谁是阿西莫夫?
Are you a robot? 你是机器人?
What is a humanoid robot? 什么是人形机器人?
What is a robot? 什么是机器人?
Will robots replace humans? 你能替代我?
Are robots dangerous? 你危险?

Other robots

English Chinese
Who is Pepper? Pepper是谁?
Talk about Pepper 能不能说一说Pepper
I know Pepper 我见过Pepper
Who is Romeo? Romeo是谁?
Talk about Romeo 能不能说一说Romeo
I know Romeo 我见过Romeo
When will Romeo be available? 什么时候能看到Romeo?


English Chinese
Do you have siblings? 你有亲戚?
Do you have parents? 你见过你的家长?
Do you have a child? 你有孩子?
Who is your father? 谁是你的家长?
Do you have friends? 你有朋友?
What’s your friend’s name? 你朋友叫什么?
Do you want to be my friend? 做朋友?