Install Basic Channel


During this step you will :

give NAO the ability to listen and reply.

To install Basic Channel :

1 - Log in to the NAO App Store

Step Action
Make sure you are the owner of the SoftBank Robotics robot.

On a computer connected to internet, click or type:

Click the Sign in button.


The Login or create an account page appears.

Type your Email and Password .

Click the Sign In button.

2 - Subscribe to Basic Channel

Step Action

On the NAO Apps Store , choose Channels .


Click the plus_btn plus button of the Channel you want to subscribe to.

The background becomes green.


3 - Update NAO

On Robot settings :

Step Action

Click the update icon.


Click the Edit account button and login with your SoftBank Robotics account.

Back on the main screen, click the Update all button.

You did it!

NAO is now ready!

To know how to interact with NAO , see: